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April 25
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Tori by GentalUrsus Tori by GentalUrsus
A good friend told me that i should create a bio about him and i thought why not?
Given the recent event i'm gonna create a bio for tori to clear up some "confusion"

Name: Tori Chengshi

Age: 16 yrs

Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthday: January, 17,1997 

Zodiac: Capricorn  

Chinese Year: Year of the Dragon

State Bio: He is hard working and professional, he is well trained in Tae Kwon Do. He 
admires and loves Bruce Lee. [Which is why he prefers to wear the yellow and black sweat suit over is normal clothes]
He is strong and honorable and holds his culture strong to his heart.He enjoys meditating in his spear time and gardening
He enjoys to eat rice balls and cakes and many other chinese delicacies.

Personal Bio: He is shy and some what standoffish. He is sometimes oblivious to his surrounding. He enjoys to play sports
and is very athletic. He enjoys all types of music and isn't very picky when it comes to it.

Extras: He has a chinese dragon tattoo on his right arm it wraps around his arm stopping on his right shoulder blade. 
[To represent the year he was born]
He also has a yin and yang koi fish circling each other on his left lower hip
[To remind him balance in his life]
He also has dimple piercings
[A failed attempt at trying to show china he is mature]

Friends: His closest friends are Jamaica and Brazil including China and the rest of the asian descent.

Enemies: He doesn't hold any hate towards anyone.

Love Interest: Taiwan

Sidenotes: He wears his hair over his eyes because he doesn't want anyone to see his eyes
[there two different colors and he's scared to show any one other than China and Korea]
He doesn't like to get babied by China
[He love and respect the man but it hard to prove your worth when you're treated like an infinite]
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A-Writers-Lament Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Student Writer
These sketches.<3 Especially the China and Beijing one.:rolf:( I take pleasure in fictional character's misery I am a sadist I'm  sorry-*Shot.* )
 And the one where a person tries to see his eyes...That is me.The creepy stalkerFangirl.ewe Enough said.

I loved the bio too.:heart: I can so see Beijing like that.Hardworking, but  oblivious.

Although.....can I say something about the date of birth?^^;
GentalUrsus Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
lmao thats horrible XDD //shot

you're not alone... *deep sigh* .XD

exactly o u o

if the day is wrong i understand kinda phoned that in O u O;;
A-Writers-Lament Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Student Writer
I am a horrible person.>:D Ahahaha-*Smacked.*


Its not that.....^^;
1997 is actually the year of the Ox,not the dragon......*Was born in 1997.*
 But....age in Hetalia for regions is...the day/month/year the place was founded.....
.........I'm so sorry for saying that that was mean! ^^; ;-; Forgive me!
GentalUrsus Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
i was just telling the date as i person 
i could put the states date if that will work
but what year is the dragon then?
A-Writers-Lament Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Student Writer
But hes Beijing right?^^; Nations birthday's are the date they're considered a country...I'm not sure about capitals but I  think they're born on the day it was considered a capital...not sure.Birthday's in Hetalia are not really the day their born but their day of Independence.America was considered America on July 4th,yet he existed before that....

I found on this website the…

....Are you mad at me?
GentalUrsus Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
so... uh chinese new year maybe?
A-Writers-Lament Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Student Writer
I don't know......All I know is that Beijing was founded around 700 B.C,and was made to be China's capital around  1264-1267....

B-But!The dragon tattoo could also stand for the many dragons that roam the streets on Chinese New Year,and also could stand for how the Chinese considered dragons sacred...almost gods.^^;.....

But its your character of course!Whatever ya choose Ill support it!^^
GentalUrsus Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
i understand i gotta study up now .-. yay //shot
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Zazuto Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
aww, this is just too adorable to look at 
GentalUrsus Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
ikr Q w Q thank you!
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